Gk Printers Limited

Topics: Business process reengineering, Management, Bureaucracy Pages: 3 (1071 words) Published: December 14, 2012

Based from the process identified above, it shown that the process has been improved form traditional way to system online, the customers no longer have to queue and wait for hours to use the services. It also showed that business-reengineering process happen in the company to improve quality and productivity that give the most benefits to the company. In our culture, many organizations miscalculate what it takes to reengineer a business successfully. Such reengineering takes time, the larger the process, the more time is required. Based on what I have studied in Office Business Process (OSM652) on business reengineering process, I will like to comment a bit about the process of permanent ownership transfer through online. I think it a good effort that JPJ trying to do in order to make it easy for the customer to use the service and dealing with the JPJ offices. The system has avoided the customer or vehicle owner from being charged for traffic offence which may occur after the vehicle is sold to the used car dealers. It shown that JPJ have planned effort to make the customer in ease when doing business or dealing with them. In making business reengineering happen successfully, I would like to recommend some improvement for the process which is the company should have some warning signs of trouble for reengineering to make sure that the company prepare with any consequences that will happen while the process run. To identify the right opportunities for business reengineering, the first warning signs that should be consider is the explosion of chaos and bureaucracy. In most organizations, work process was not designed. They evolved out of the chaos of doing business. Small groups start out working informally and communicating easily and quickly. As the successful organization grows, informal work patterns break under stress. The system should not be complicated to used and have too many procedures because it will...
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