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Topics: Business process reengineering, Management, Process management Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: October 9, 2011
Question # 1: What is BPR? In a plain language, what does it mean to an organization that is underperforming?

Business Process Reengineering is a management approach focusing at brining improvements by enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of business process. The fundamental rethinking and radical design of a business process, its structure and related management systems, to offer key or partial improvements in performance. Business process reengineering is key element to the underperforming organizations because they need to bring change in their business processes to offer efficient and effective services to its consumers, and to make the organization profitable. BPR enforce managers to rethink and re-align their work processes in accordance with the consumer’s demands with flexibility. Managers then using BPR redesign their work processes and made them more customer-focused to bring back quality to the organization. This will enable an underperforming organization to alter its business processes and offer new improved with enhanced quality products or services to its consumers. This will bring back the customer loyalty to the organization.

Question # 2: Why can IT be one of the biggest obstacles for BPR?

Information Technology (IT) can be one of the biggest obstacles if they are handled with care while carrying out BPR. If the IT is not properly aligned with business goal, then the resultant process will not produce desired results. The heritage of the legacy systems present in the organization is another IT obstacle. Legacy systems might not be under control due to the fact that they do not have enough documentation, historical measurements, and change control processes. Legacy system’s scope and complexities which are not known must be taken at the same priority as the organizational and cultural structures during the process reengineering. These are the few obstacles posed by the IT to the BPR.

Question # 3: What went wrong with the ERP...
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