Troutville Police Department Case

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Take Home Test: the Troutville Case
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Organizational Behaviour Course

The Troutville case
•  Troutville is a small town located in a rural area of the Western United States, with a population of 35.000 people •  The local Police Department has been lead for the last 17 years by J.Stage •  After Stage’s retirement, the city recruited candidates from outside the town, and appointed L.Gaft as the chief of police •  Gaft had previously worked in a large metropolitan police department, where he used a “tight” control style •  Gaft aimed to bring to town the “team policing” philosophy: goals are identified and teams are assigned to them


The Police Department
•  The Police Department, classified as “small”, employees 70 people •  Chief Stage was highly respected despite his drinking problems and his short temper •  He gave great importance to the level of his people, and he required qualified personnel on his staff •  During his tenure the Department did not experience any major problems •  Chief Stage was a charismatic leader: his style implied a low level of formalization of tasks and of specific duties •  During his tenure, the Department was a an agile and flexible organization, with very few hierarchical levels 3


Prop. A: Reengineering
•  The first proposal for the organizational change is based on the “reengineering” approach •  The intervention motto would be: “Let’s create the future” •  The reengineering approach is coherent with Graft’s radical “team policing” philosophy •  The phases are: Identification of processes, Analysis, Redesign and Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation •  The learning mechanism would be focused on procedural mechanisms (methods, procedures, rules) •  Potential outcomes will include a new innovation-based culture, cost reductions, increased quality standards 4


Prop. A: Reengineering (2)
•  Roadblocks will include cultural impediment (values, beliefs and behaviours)...
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