Management and Objectives Performance Review

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  • Published : February 23, 2011
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Chapter 9 Questions
1.How should a corporation attempt to achieve synergy among functions and business units? Synergy exits for a divisional corporation if the return on investment is greater than what if the return would be if each division were an independent business.

2.How should an owner-manager prepare a company for its movement from Stage I to Stage II?

3.How can a corporation keep from sliding into the Decline stage of the organizational life cycle?

4.Is reengineering just another fad, or does it offers something of lasting value? Put the decision point where the work is performed and build control into the process.

5.How is the cellular/modular structure different from the network structure? Evolutions for international
Stages of International Development
Stage 1: Domestic company
Stage 2: Domestic company with export division
Stage 3: Primarily domestic company with international division Stage 4: Multinational corporation with multidomestic emphasis Stage 5: Multinational corporation with global emph
Chapter 10
1.What skills should a person have for managing a business unit following a differentiation strategy? Why? What should a company do if no one is available internally and the company has a policy of promotion from within? 2.When should someone form outside the company be hired to manage the company or one of its business units? 3.What are some ways to implement a retrenchment strategy without creating a lot of resentment and conflict with labor unions? 4.How can corporate culture be changes? Change the strategy of the culture. 5.Why is an understanding of national cultures important

in strategic management?
Management by Objectives (MBO)- encourages participative decision making through shared goal setting and performance assessment based on achieving stated objectives •Establishing and communicating organizational objectives •Setting individual objectives

Developing an action plan to achieve...
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