Pad 530 Assignment 1

Topics: Organizational studies and human resource management, Employment, Human resource management Pages: 6 (1873 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Public Personnel Today
Monica Long
Dr. Marion B. Lee
PAD 530 Public Personnel Management
October 28, 2012

Public personnel administration focuses on helping public managers on all levels to meet the challenges of attracting, retaining, motivating and developing the large and diverse pool of highly qualified people needed to staff modern government agencies of all kinds (Nigro, Nigro & Kellough, 2007). Acquisitions, sanctions, planning and development are four key duties of public personnel today which help with the effectiveness of an organization. On the federal, state and local levels public personnel procedures and strategies can impact public agencies and employee’s performance and productivity. Critical Trends Affecting the Growth of Public Personnel

The four critical trends that affect growth of public personnel today are demographics, technological change and innovation, political change and partisanship. All of these trends have a major impact on the composition, size and organization of public personnel administration. They affect public personnel issues, practices and policies as well. An increasing diversity of racial and ethnic groups and different family lifestyles and backgrounds are shown in the American workforce. In addition, as time progresses the workforce will be made up of ethnic minorities, women and immigrants; these demographics are represented in about half of the labor pool. During the next ten years it is estimated that they will contribute more than 80 percent of the net additions (Nigro, Nigro & Kellough, 2007). Education is another demographic that affects public personnel. Education is increasingly important because it is a requirement for most jobs and it makes the labor market very competitive. More people are seeking a higher education thus attaining higher level positions in the workforce which leaves other positions open for qualified individuals that have the skills and experience needed. Demographics have a positive effect on the growth of public personnel because it widens the labor market. Technology plays a major role in society’s daily lives and it has improved and transformed the way society works and communicates. The way people conduct their jobs in the future will be impacted by the change and innovation of technology. Artificial intelligence, computer networks, imaging technology and massive data storage has become fundamental tools for most employees and will continue to have evolutionary effects on occupations (Thong & Seah, 2000). Technology has really reshaped how jobs are done. Transitioning fully into a technologically based economy will have both positive and negative effects on the workforce. Technology change and innovation will fundamentally change and make jobs more challenging, create new jobs and eliminate several jobs as well. Political systems were created to improve responsiveness of management and government’s control about decisions on hiring and firing. Elected officials control policy objectives of the public sector. The composition and size of the public service reflects the policy priorities of governments (Nigro, Nigro & Kellough, 2007).The legislature maintains control over resources by limiting the total number of employees an agency can hire, staffing levels in particular agencies or programs, and the personnel budget (Wise, 2002). During the Reagan administration federal agencies grew and expanded. Many agencies experienced significant growths and one in particular was the Department of Defense. Whereas during the Clinton administration federal agencies were downsized greatly this produced a huge decline in employment. The Department of Defense made up about 64 percent of downsizing during his time in office. Political change can affect public personnel growth negatively and positively. Moreover, partisanship is one trend in particular that can hinder the growth of public personnel today. Over the years the division amongst...
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