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Topics: Bus, Public transport, Transportation planning Pages: 9 (2680 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Promoting Public Transportation

While Integrating it with Special Events

By Kerr Gelvin


Special events cause traffic problems and crowd control of people would be easier if public transportation were used more. Special events are a great place to advertise the use of public transportation. By reorganizing the public transportation to accommodate special events and advertising intensively many problems could be solve, while providing a useful service to the public.

The scope of the project will include many departments. The Department of Parks and Recreation, under the Guidance of the Community Outreach Leader will work with the Department of Public Transportation to coordinate with event planners for special events. The project is focused on delivering 8 weeks before an event an organized public transit system plan to ferry people to and from a venue, then to advertise the great use and convenience of the public transit. The event will occur on week 9 and week 10 will be spent reviewing and cataloging the plan.



Salaries…$170,000we need a high quality team
Advertising…$70,000the project depends highly on informing the public Hardware/software$0Their should be computers using ArcMap accessible
The implementation of a Public Transportation System for special events coupled with advertising for it will increase the use of the PTS and help the community. It will be a great marketing tool for the public transit and fulfill the job description for Community Outreach Program leader to further the use of public transit and at the same time provide a safer service fro the community.


The city of Tempe has an extensive public transportation network. It also contains many venues for special events, such as the Sun Devils Stadium, and Diablo Stadium. There is a need to reorganize public transportation to accommodate large events such as a free Pro-Football game attended by many people that would use the public transportation system. This problem has two sides, one is a need to know where such an event is, where people are and how many people will attend it using public transportation; the other side of the problem is communicating to the right people that the bus line, or in the future the Light Rail System, has been modified to accommodate the special event. Details that would need to be advertised are, for example, more busses on a route spaced out every 5 minutes instead of every 15 minutes or even new routes and new pick up locations. The solution to this need is an accessible geo-database and application set up for people to input variables such as what venue is holding the event, expected turnout, and which people could use the public transportation to get there. These variables would be attained with the cooperation of the organizers of the event, and the advertising of the public transportation should be part of the advertising for the event.

GIS has been used for public transportation in many different ways, and as Community Outreach Program Leader advertising the use of public transportation, but the combination of public outreach and temporally reorganizing public transportation to meet special occasion does not have the history it deserves. Transportation uses GIS for special events to reorganize traffic lights in order to alleviate traffic. To see a product that provides this service visit or What makes this project unique is the integration of pre-event traffic planning and including public transportation.

The advantages of having such an application in place are plentiful. As Community Outreach Program Leader, one of my concerns is advertising the use of the Public Transit System (PTS); the attention of the special event and the advertising of the public transit as a hassle free way to get to...
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