Information System Proposal

Topics: Marketing, Marketing research, Sales Pages: 4 (1206 words) Published: October 22, 2012
Information Systems Proposal

BIS/220 Computer Information Systems

Table of Contents
Understanding the market challenges3
Internal operations and External operations3
Information Technology Comparison chart4
Technology and Information systems benefits and drawbacks4
Bullets of successful strategy5

Thriving as a small business in a competitive market calls for many ingenious strategies to remain afloat. As companies enter into the market they can become easily consumed, overwhelmed and sometimes unnoticeable. Opening business doors as a nostalgic record store immediately identifies a consumer demand, in efforts of remaining competitive and ultimately in business. As many internal operations are facets to efficient workplace process equating to fiscal conservatism, there are also many external factors that are paralleled. This proposal shall outline the effectiveness and detriments of many technologies and information systems that remain current in the market for small businesses today. After reviewing the consumer market drive for record store inventory, results have demonstrated the most effective method to liquidate the product inventory would be marketing. By streamlining an effective marketing campaign and a competitive edge strategy the company would have the ability to target specific audience within the context of the company’s products. With the multitude of genres that would be cataloged into inventory, marketing demographics would contribute to the localities, regions and venues in which the marketing campaign would be presented. Although this level of marketing efforts may appear to be complex and over budget. Information systems and technology have streamlined the process and paired cost effectiveness and efficiency into a user friendly simplistic process. As the internal operation of the process weigh heavily-...
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