Bis 220 Reflection Summary

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Reflection Summary
BIS 220

Throughout this journey called Information Technology. There have been many things that we have been able to take from these lessons. There has been the learning of systems of programming. The several ways in which an organization can choose to take in the succession of their company. We have read and learned in the readings concerning System development life cycle. This program has been designed so that the person or people put in place to maintain this system can take no short cuts. This process enforces quality and employees to go the extra mile. When making the decision whether to buy a program from retail or finding people who know the company soliciting them to form a system around the organization detailed needs. In the following you will read the summary of this week’s learning and or how we can apply these things to our work habitation.

Many organizations use spreadsheets to keep record of financial, employee, customer, and vendor information. Spreadsheets make it easier to create budgets, calendars, invoices, and contact lists. With Microsoft Excel, it can be linked to other programs such as Microsoft Word and Access. Spreadsheets help to compile a company’s data into user friendly data.

Owning a business means looking at the whole picture. Learning the numerous Information Systems and how they mold and support an organizations structure has been enlightening. The majority of success a business achieves is determined by the efficiency of its information system in all departments including Accounting, Financing, Marketing, Human Resources, and Functional Areas. The extant of Information Systems productivity and usefulness is truly unlimited. Each week we have taken in a new line of the Microsoft to find out of what enhancement it can be to us during school, daily life as well as our professionals. Now as we took a little curb through this winding road of technology we have came across the acquiring information...
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