Ethnography/Urban Sociology

Topics: White American, Puerto Rico, Democratic Party Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Sociology 240- Ethnography Assignment 2

October 10, 2012
5:00pm- 5:40 pm
New York Public Transit A train
This paper will serve to report my observation on the New York City public transportation letter A train line. I see that a lot of people have headphones in their ears, reading magazines, reading books, newspapers and on their phones. The guy sitting next to me to my right is reading, had headphones in his ears and is casually dressed. There is a guy with a red sweater who is standing in front of me leaning on the pole. I see A African American woman dressed in all black leaning on the train door playing with her iPad. A Puerto- Rican guy is leaning on train door who is wearing on a grey hat. There is a Caucasian girl who looks to be in her early 20s, she is blonde, wearing bright red lipstick, big headphones in her ears, standing, floral pants, jean jacket, black bag, playing with hair by looking at her reflection through the car door. An African American girl is eating candy, looks like she can be in high school. I see a Chinese or Asian couple, who is elderly; the woman is talking to the male and smiling.

Group of boys who are together talking loudly walks onto the train talking loud. Two men are sitting across from me now conversing, one is Caucasian and one is African American. They are both dressed casual. A man who looks like he is Arab is reading a newspaper, and doing a crossword puzzle. An African American lady is half sleeping, waking up at every stop of the train. Another person is standing and leaning on another pole is a Caucasian male who is with a causation woman who is leaning against him faced forward. There is an Asian girl who is sitting to the left of me talking pictures on her iPhone, she looks young teens- early 20s, and she is also flipping through pictures. There is an Asian woman standing above me not holding onto anything and looking at her iPhone. At the train stop Fulton Street, a Puerto Rican homeless male, mid...
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