Information Systems Proposal

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Information Systems Proposal
Joey Del Toro
April 29, 2013
University of Phoenix

Information Systems Proposal
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Table
3. Types of Information Styles
4. Image
5. Benefits and Drawbacks

Information Systems Proposal
My business partner and I are starting a small business called Brick & Mortar, Nostalgic Record Store. My business partner does not have much knowledge in information systems or technology. A basic overview of each type of information systems that are available in today’s market can help us choose to grow our business. Show my partner the insights of these information systems, so that he knows what to expect. There are many types of information systems out there that could benefit our business, but there are always drawbacks also from each system.

Types of System| Function| Example| Functional are IS| Supports the activities within a specific area| System used for payroll| Transaction processing system| Process transaction data from business events| Wal-Mart checkout point-of-sale terminal| Office automation system| Supports daily work activities of individuals and groups| Microsoft Office| Decision support system| Provides access to data and analysis tools| “What-is” analysis to changes in budget|...
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