What Is the Best Methodology for Development of Web Applications?

Topics: Rapid application development, Systems Development Life Cycle, Dynamic Systems Development Method Pages: 8 (2113 words) Published: April 9, 2011
1. Abstract
2. Introduction
3. Discuss DSDM and WISDM
4.1 Technical Design
4.2 Organizational & Information Analysis
4.3 People
4. Conclusions
5. References

1. Abstract
Although there is increasing methodology are used to develop web application. But whether there is the best methodology for development of web applications. This paper reviews the literature in the area of method for web applications. One is DSDM the other is WISDM. And use SWOT to analysis the advantage and disadvantage for each of method. It compared with three aspects: Technique Design, Organizational & Information Analysis and People. Then draw the conclusion by analyzing.

2. Introduction
An increasing number of information systems are being built based on World Wide Web technology and such systems can lead to high return on investments (turban, et al, 1999). The development method has lead to new challenges regarding whether specific method for the web applications. With the rapid development of new economy, users and technical requirements are changing all the time. Therefore, in this paper we examine the specific development method adapt to the change. In order to adapt this change, Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) and Web Information System Development Methodology (WISDM) are developed.

Stapleton (n.d.) commented that DSDM is a framework based originally around Rapid Application Development (RAD). DSDM is a mature, proven and robust Agile Project Framework that provides best practice guidance for on time, in budget delivery of projects in any business sector (DSDM Consortium). As stated by Troyer & Leune (1998) WISDM is a user centred design method. The multiview framework for generating a web IS development methodology-WISDM (Avison, et al, 1998). WISDM makes systems more flexible, more easily extensible and less costly to maintain. The goal of this paper is identify the strengths and weakness of these developments of web application methodology and identify what is the best method for web applications.

3. Discuss DSDM and WISDM
3.1 Technical Design
Key issues from DSDM and WISDM of technical design could be summarized by SWOT (Johnson, et al, 2008). Strengths
Stapleton (n.d.) commented that DSDM is a framework based originally around Rapid Application Development (RAD). Iterative and incremental development is necessary to converge on an accurate business solution (Stapleton, 1997). Prototyping is necessary in the DSDM, prototyping can be greatly accelerated the process of system development. As stated by Highsmith (2001) DSDM uses “Moscow” rules for features—must have, should have, could have, want to have some time. This technique is widely used as a simple approach to prioritising requirements in Timeboxing environments (Ash, 2007). Richards (2006) commented that timeboxes should go through three stages: Investigation, Refinement and Consolidation. Each box has a fixed time and includes priority. Testing is integrated throughout the lifecycle (Stapleton, 1997).

As stated by Troyer & Leune (1998) WISDM is a user centred design method. Graham (2000) commented that object-oriented programming and inheritance in particular, makes it possible to define clearly and use modules that are functionally incomplete and then allow their extension without upsetting the operation of other modules or their clients. The users can base on their own requirement require developer change any individual module. As stated by Graham (2000) WISDM has greater reversibility to model. Since object-oriented methods are mainly concerned with modelling systems they can be used to carry out scenario modelling and facility changes within the business (Graham, 2000). The property can make sure tracing features back to requirements.

DSDM focus on RAD can lead to decrease in code robustness. DSDM requires full commitment to DSDM process.

WISDM requires team...
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