Riordan Manufacturing Hr System Analysis

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Riordan Manufacturing HR System Analysis
April 19, 2010

The COO of Riordan Manufacturing, Hugh McCauley requested a systems analysis of the Human Resources department. The company would like to upgrade the systems to a more current technological standard. The objective of the IT team will be to design a system that can be utilized by the second quarter of next year. This paper will describe the information techniques and design methods to be used for this project. An explanation of the adequacy and intended use of the information gathered will also provided, along with a scope and feasibility report. The process of information-gathering is crucial to the success of this project. A plan must be followed and executed flawlessly to make sure the requirements and specifications have been defined. “Without a formalized, organized approach to developing information systems software [we] might see a project fail due to premature development of the software before all the functional requirements are clearly defined and agreed upon.” (Shelley 2004) The IT Team will use the Systems Development Cycle or SDLC with the waterfall methodology. Through this method, the team will be able to understand the user requirements and efficiency of the current system in comparison to related industry technological standards. The SDLC method is a tried and true approach for developing applications for companies that want to upgrade their systems. The team is comprised of the information systems manager, project manager, systems analyst, and programmer. The team will then collaborate with the HR employees of Riordan manufacturing throughout the whole process. Information will be gathered for the analyst to use through documentation, interviews, work observation, and statistical data. The programmer will use flowcharts, data-flow diagrams, the current SDLC waterfall plan, and RAD to design the preliminary system. The IS manager will then break down the...
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