Sr-Rm-022 Part 1

Topics: Human resources, Human resource management, The Gathering Pages: 3 (1061 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Riordan Manufacturing SR-rm-022
Bryan LeVau
November 26, 2012
Ed Odjaghian

Riordan manufacturing has requested an upgrade to their current human resources system. They currently have several disparate tools that are patched together in order to complete HR functions. Many Excel spreadsheets are used by different parts of HR, and combining all resources into one system can provide many time saving advantages and a more reliable system over all. By reviewing who the stakeholders are and what the best information-gathering techniques are we can ensure that we collect the information for the requirements and stay within the scope of the project. Stakeholders Identifying the key stakeholders is an important part of the information gathering process. The key stakeholders in Riordan Manufacturing for gathering information for this project are: the payroll manager, Silvija Peterson, the compensation & benefits manager, Terri Carranza, the employee relations manager, Andrea Gamby, and the training and development specialist, Mari Carillo. This represents the management and daily users of the current HRIS and provides a good basis for what the requirements of the new system need to be (Apollo group, 2012). Although not part of the human resource department, including a few of the programmer/analysts can provide key insight and documentation toward understanding the current system as well. Information-gathering Since Riordan Manufacturing is not a large organization, joint application design can provide great results. With the small number of people that will be in the meetings, JAD will be manageable and meetings will not drag on. Scheduling is one of the main downfalls of JAD, and with a small organization like Riordan it should be easily overcome. Since most of the employees work in the same location and department scheduling a meeting to include all members will not present a great challenge. In addition to JAD meetings, direct...
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