Functional Allocation Modeling of Patton Fuller Hospital

Topics: Health care, Medicine, Information Systems Research Pages: 3 (807 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Information System Briefing
Michaelee Cadestin
April 2, 2013
Dr. David Shroads

Information System Briefing
In this briefing, I will be discussing the process for selecting and acquiring an information system within our health care organization. Moreover, I will include goals of our organization and stakeholders that will affect the selection process. The roles each of the organization stakeholders play in the selection and acquisition process. First, we need to select a team, and each team member should carry out their own duties and responsibilities of what is expected of them to do. We all need to determine an overall goal for each person. As a team, we all should determine ways we can make it work, and once we figure it out we can start with the indication of the system. Our health care system grows into new areas daily as well as technology advices so fast; a need for this system is very decisive. We need to come up with the system not only for our own benefits, but also to benefit other organizations as well. Each organization goals is to exceed to Excellency. For example if they served three hundred patients last years or the year before. The goal for this year is to double the amount or even triple it the best way they can (Deng, X 2012). Secondly, our stakeholder’s position and they part that each play in our health care system is very important to what we are trying to accomplish for our overall goals. I would assemble a team of eight members. In addition, with each of the members, they have to have at least six years or more experience in health care information system. I will hand pick three of the members myself to allow them to fill out the rest of the team, which they have to have more experiences out of the eight. After I assemble the team, I will create a full workstation of two hundred employees. Each of the team members should be able to setup the system, teach the others how to do it also, have it united, and...
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