Leadership and Management in Nursing Practice

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Introduction :
1. Introduction:
* Main objective of my proposal is to have high quality healthcare organisation by having appropriate organisational structure, correct leadership and human resource management.

* Comparing the different types and styles of leadership and management using literature review.

* Brief description of the hospital in which I am serving now. The hospital in which I am serving now is having 130 bedded inpatient, 21 outpatient consultants suit. Currently, we have 40 doctors and 700 supportive staffs. These groups of people from various multidisciplinary with different tasks of specializations in their fields, collaboratively working together as a team in order to achieve goals, objectives, vision and mission of the hospital.

* This hospital offers clinical services such as laboratory, radiology, accident and emergency department, rehabilitation, pharmacy, dietician, hospital information managements (medical records). Besides that, we have supports services such as human resources, finance, housekeeping, business development, food beverage, security and wards including intensive care unit (ICU), operating theatre (OT) and haemodialysis unit.

2. Contents:
(a) Organizational structure:

* Organizational structure is about the lines of authority, communication, and delegation. It can be formal or informal (Stichler 2007) * For example, decentralized nursing departments of my hospital had strong nursing representation in the organizational structure in order to provide quality nursing care. The director of nursing in my hospital served at the executive level of the organization and reported to the executives officer (Urden and Monarch 2002)

* The modern organization theory said that an organization is an integrated system with integrated parts (Clancy, 2007). Organizational structure is not one of the best due to the complexity and changing circumstances. It supposed to help coordinate resources to achieve organizational goals. The organization hospital needed to be adaptive, creative and robust to solve the any challenges in healthcare.

* Handy (1985) introduced “role culture” category of organizational cultures could be applied to the organizational culture of health care. It is about distinct policies and procedures that control the organization, and employees operate based on job descriptions.

* Each job description defines one’s main duties and responsibilities as well as specific educational qualifications and experience needed for advancement to each position. * The bureaucratic nature of this organizational structure leads to feelings of powerlessness, particularly at the lower levels. This may explain why nurse managers employ intimidation to control employees.

(b) Leadership and management in nursing

* Difference between leadership and management is “vision”. According to him management consists of primary analysis, problem solving and planning while as leadership consists of vision, values and communication (Warren 2005)

* Different between management and leadership is vision stated by Warren (2005). He said that management consists of primary analysis, problem solving and planning, while leadership is about vision, values and communications.

* Leadership is a process of identifying a goal or target, motivating people and giving support and motivation to reach mutually negotiated goals (Davidson et al, 2006).

* Dr Carter’s views had been echoed by Sir Bruce Keogh, the medical director of the NHS in England stated that in order to carry out their tasks, all doctors should provide leadership to the healthcare team to ensure patient safety.

* Effective and successful leadership from all staff in the hospital organization is important to the delivery of high quality health care to clients.

* Excellent leadership concerns, not...
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