Team Importance Week 3 Hcs 325

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  • Published : November 26, 2012
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No management position is easy these days. There are many rules and regulations to follow, as well as many responsibilities that grow more over time. One of the responsibilities as a manager is to improve efficiency of the company and extend customer satisfaction. Not only does this take money, but time, skill, and teamwork. As the manager of a busy call center, the call volume has increased so much that there is an extra $20,000 to spend on improving customer satisfaction and efficiency. How can this be spent wisely to reach these goals? Teamwork is top on the list of importance because without a team, there is no business. Teams provide many things to a health care facility, as well as any other successful business. Teams are used in many different ways in other industries, such as the military, for example. This sets examples for the health care industry as to how teams might be used similarly there compared to somewhere like the government jobs. However, nothing is easy like saying the alphabet. In any industry, conflict does arise, and having the knowledge of problem solving is very good to have in order to make an educated decision for the health care organization. Goals

In the call center, there is an extensive amount of money to be used for improving the quality of care, and customer’s satisfaction. Goals need to be set in order for the $20,000 to be used wisely. Teamwork is the answer to this. To improve quality of the product, and to increase customer satisfaction, everyone has to be able to work together very well to reach the goals of the company. So far because of this teamwork, the call volume has increased immensely. Managers in the call center have a process they follow, called the Five Step Planning process, which enables them to improve teamwork, which solely improves quality and satisfaction. Five Step Planning Process

“At its most basic, planning is decision making”. (Donald J. Lombardi, John R. Schermerhorn,...
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