Creating a Plan for Positive Influence

Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Creating a Plan for Positive Influence
Shelli Chernesky
LDR/531 Organizational Leadership
May 20, 2013
Dr. Gwendyl Spann

Creating a Plan for Positive Influence
The importance of planning is leading practice for best outcomes of teams in business. Members of a work team come together with complementary skills and mutual accountability, producing positive synergy towards coordinated efforts to complete set objectives and goals (Judge & Robbins, 2011). Attention to defined and timed goals that are written as a framework to reduce ambiguity and create a common understanding within the team of what needs to be accomplished is optimal; along with strategies to stay motivated to achieve these goals. Since teams work together as a whole and tasks are equally distributed, the final product is from inclusive team efforts. To achieve this working team’s paradigm, team members must exhibit sound values, attitude, and emotions; along with an engaged personality to harmonize set goals. A focus on affirmative team satisfaction, performance, and motivation are common goals of work teams. This plan of positive influence for a work team includes these elements; along with a clear direction to reduce uncertainty and minimize waste. Through mutual knowledge and skill sharing a work team harvests optimal results. These actions are achieved through a common work culture that is devised at the forming stage of the work team, which conjointly includes common values. Values lay the foundation for our understanding of people’s attitudes and motivation and influence our perceptions (Robbins & Judge, 2011). Therefore the importance of forming ground rules within the team is beneficial for propelling positive work flow. Clark (2011) state, “Team members are deeply committed to each other's personal growth and success” (p. 1). This commitment sets the tone for members within the team to work by, transcending the team towards success. Formed leadership within the team helps...
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