Hcs/483 It Failures

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IT Project Implementation Failures


September 19, 2012
Dr. Alex Kadrie

IT Project Implementation Failures

An IT implementation process can be long and tedious, or short and simple, depending on the size and needs of an organization. While implementing this process it is important to understand the roles and responsibilities of each step. Sometimes when the process is not thought out correctly, IT failures happen. IT failures are common reasons that systems do not work, or have many flaws. Implementation Process

“The time and resources needed to implement a new health care information system can vary considerably based on the scope of the project, the needs and complexity of the organization, the number of applications being installed, and the number of user groups involved.” (Wager, Lee, & Glaser, 2009). The first part in implementing a system is to first assign a team of professionals within the organization. The responsibility and role of the team would be to plan, coordinate, budget, and manage the new system set up. The team should determine what the objectives and goals of the new system should be. After this the next step is to develop and implement the process. Some major steps should include how long each activity should take, resources and budget, and ways to alleviate completion and success. Components of an implementation plan are workflow and analysis, system installation, staff training, conversion, communication, and a go-live date. The size and needs of an organization is what determines the type of system that will be needed. In the Memorial Health System case the process that was used to implement a new information system was poorly thought out. The process described in the case study failed to include fundamental activities such as workflow and analysis of the system. The organization failed to review and evaluate the existing system before trying to implement a new one. Sitting with the employees...
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