Information System Briefing

Topics: Chief executive officer, Implementation, Management Pages: 2 (710 words) Published: December 10, 2012
* An information system is a combination of data, processes and information technology that interact to collect, process, store and provide output for an organization (Wager,K 2009). In an health care organization there are two types of information systems: administrative and clinical. In order for an organization to find the best system they must follow the process for selecting and acquiring an information system. * System implementation begins when the organization gains the system and begins to put it in use. There are several stakeholders that are involved in the implementation process. The CFO (chief financial officer) manages the budget and all future expenses. The CEO (chief executive officer) is the leader of the organization and overlooks everything that is done. The implementation team gets everything in order and ready for the implementation of the new system. The vendors job is to find the system that best fits the buyers requirements. The IT department operates and assists with technical support. To start the implementation process an implementation team should be assembled and a system champion must be identified. The system champion will be responsible for leading the team. Then the team will come together and determine the expectations of the project and create a project plan. After the plan is determined, the team must look through vendors to find the appropriate information system for their organization. * Before, the team looks at several vendors, it is best to compile a list of goals they plan to accomplish with the new system and ways to accomplish those goals. The goal of the information system is to help the organization process and store data while keeping the information safe and secure. In a process like this, there are going to be several small goals. To best find out which goals are important and which are not, have the implementation team and staff members fill out surveys on the...
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