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2.1 Information Systems Development Plan - Purpose, Scope and Objectives

The purpose of this study is to help the readers understand the importance of our research about the development of systems to be used in managing their companies in the near future. the system itself is serves its purpose in making the lives of people more easier, faster and much more safer than the natural way of running a business. this will help the owner's of restaurants, hotels, and resorts improve margins, manage more effectively and develop stronger customer relationships. Restaurants can easily review their order, add to it, tips and pay thru computer or online. the system helps to save up more training time, labor cost, and labor time. when it comes to Processing payment transactions swiftly maintains cash flow and reduces the risk of non-payment. The study will focus on Planning for information systems, as for any other system, begins with the identification of needs. In order to be effective, development of any type of computer-based system should be a response to need--whether at the transaction processing level or at the more complex information and support systems levels. Such planning for information systems is much like strategic planning in management. Objectives, priorities, and authorization for information systems projects need to be formalized. The systems development plan should identify specific projects slated for the future, priorities for each project and for resources, general procedures, and constraints for each application area. The plan must be specific enough to enable understanding of each application and to know where it stands in the order of development. Also the plan should be flexible so that priorities can be adjusted if necessary.

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The primary objective of Point Of Salesoftware is basically a program that combines many aspect of restaurant management including order taking,...
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