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Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology

Information Management and Inventory Control System

Final Report

Information Technology Project 2012

Project ID: ITP-12-METRO-08

Submitted by:

1. IT1727546– S.C.M. Silva
2. IT10725320– G.B.A.P. Wijesekara
3. IT10728468– K.P. Anthony
4. IT10726792– H.B. Delepalage
5. IT10727164– A.K.M.S. Algama
6. IT10726624–N.T. Kodagoda
7. IT10–

Submitted to:


Mrs. Tania Fernando

Date of submission: 19/09/2012


Stassen Motors, a leading vehicle air and oil filter dealer in Sri Lanka that handles whole host of transaction details daily. To overcome the difficulty of maintaining a paper based information management system, the organization requested an automated Information Management and Inventory Control System in hope of increasing the organization’s efficiency.

The proposed system for the organization has to achieve set of goals which was given by the client. Mainly the system developed focusing on handling information about stocks, customer and employee management. The goals that the client expected from the system were,

• Stock management

• Customer management

• Staff Management

• Shipment detail handling

• Payment detail handling and invoice generating

• Able to keep backups of each transaction

By the system, the development team developed for the organization, successfully achieved the given tasks and able to perform following processes.

• Stock management :

o Categorize air filters and oil filters according to its brand name

o Able to search the air filters and oil filters by the brand name

o Keep the track of inventory

o Update the stocks automatically and display the stocks in hand

• Customer management :

o Store all the retail and whole sale customer details with all the purchase, payment and invoice details

o Able to search customer details by their name or invoice number

o Able to update credit limits for whole sale customers

• Shipment detail handling

o Able to get the details of newly arrived shipments

o Able to get details about insurance if a claim has done

• Payment detail handling and invoice generating

o An invoice generate automatically after every purchase done by retail customers

o Store all the payment details in company database including the date of purchase, customer details and item details with item warranty information

o Able to search item details by the warranty code issued, if a customer returns an item

• Able to keep backups of each transaction

o The system provides the facility of keeping backups to DVDs, flash drives or hard disks to overcome the risk of data loss can be happened by natural disasters


We take this opportunity to thank all those who assisted, guide and encouraged us during our project study.

We are thankful to Mr. Mohan Jayewardene the Manager and all other employees of the Stassen Motors for providing us all necessary information to make this project a success.

We specially thankful to the senior lecture at Sri Lanka Institute Of Information Technology; Ms.Geethanjali Wimalarathna and Ms.Tania Fernando for the valuable assistance gave us to complete this project.

Finally we express our heartful appreciation to our friends and several others from whom we derived valuable information,...
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