Feminist Critical Analysis of Advertisements

Topics: Sex in advertising, Marketing, Gender Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: November 8, 2011
Feminist Critical Analysis of Advertisements
As you can see, this is an advertisement but what are they selling? Its amazing how you can look at an ad and not even know what they are selling when you first look at it. You would think that the company would want to make the ad all about their product. This ad is actually advertising a perfume called fcuk. In the ad you can see the male and female laying together in what looks like a bed. The male doesn’t have a shirt on and the female has lingerie on. In the bottom right hand corner of the ad you can actually see the product they want to sell.

Its very obvious what this advertisement is trying to say. If women wear this type of perfume they will arouse their spouse or lover. But when you really look at this advertisement closely you might realize other things. As most sexual advertisements do, they are portraying the female as a sex object but in this one you could say that it is the male who is being portrayed as the sex object. The male is lured in by the smell of the perfume. So in this advertisement, I would say that the female has an empowering role. Some hidden messages that I found was the relatively close resemblance of the perfume name to the cuss word used to describe sex.

These are just a few things that I noticed about the ad. I hope to hear some other things that you all notice about it.
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