Language and Gender in Advertising

Topics: Man, Television advertisement, Gender Pages: 3 (843 words) Published: April 24, 2011
When looking over the statement, “The language and imagery used in advertising is intended to reflect the worldview of the target audience,” I completely agree. In any commercial or advertisement in the media today, the ads will most likely try to appeal to a certain gender or aim to have something ridiculous in the advertisement so that the audience would want their product. This is what the company assumes that certain gender or culture would want to see, or stating in their opinions on how other people see them. For men you see these gender oriented ads with products such as body wash, cologne, condoms, beer and many more products. For women this type of gender oriented advertising, occurs with perfume, lotion, soap, tampons, and more.

I didn’t really realize the gender oriented advertisements until I read this question in the book. When I started paying more attention to these commercials and advertisements, it is almost embarrassing to how the companies will depict a certain gender and visualize why they would want to buy the product. For example, in the newest Giorgio Armani commercial there is a man in white briefs and a woman in a white bikini get out of a lake soaking wet and just start making out and beginning to take each other’s clothes off. The commercial then says cut and they show what they are trying to sell. In this commercial the company is assuming people men and women alike will want to buy this product because they believe men and women similarly will want to just break out into sex after wearing this fragrance. This clearly denotes evidence to the quotation by … by showing that a male or female viewer may believe this will happen if they buy their product.

In many Bud Light and Miller commercials recently the imagery and language is very sexist in the way it views the target audience. These commercials seem to be aimed a lot more at men then they do at women, because the producer believes more men will buy and use their...
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