Portrayal of Women in Ads - Questions

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  • Published : November 15, 2010
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Interview proper

Portrayal of women in ads

1. How do ads portray women?

2. What do you think of the ads’ portrayal of women? How do you find it?

3. What do you think do these portrayed images promote?

4. Do you agree with these portrayals of women?

a. Do you think these portrayals are accurate or in line with reality?

b. Do you think these images represent women well?

5. If not, how do you think should women be portrayed in ads?

6. What is your perceived image of the ideal woman?

7. Where do you base your ideal image of a woman? From what or whom?

Definition of beauty in ads

8. How do ads define beauty?

9. What do you think of the ads’ definition of beauty? How do you find it?

10. What do you think do this definition of beauty promote?

11. Do you agree with this definition of beauty?

a. Do you think this definition is accurate?

b. Do you think this definition is suitable?

12. How do you think should ads define beauty?

13. Where do you base your definition of beauty? From what or whom?

Ads, society & culture

14. What do you think are the effects of these ads to culture and society (men, women & children)?

15. Do you think the portrayal of women & definition of beauty in ads are a matter of societal concern?

16. Who do you think are responsible for the way women are portrayed in ads?

17. Why do you think these portrayals exist? Why are they portrayed that way?

18. What do you think you can do in order to maintain/change these portrayals?
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