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Giant Consumer Products, INC: The sales promotion Resource a... - Transcript

1. Giant Consumer Products, INC: The sales promotion Resource allocation decision Group 5:

2. Primary Question for GCP How should Giant Consumer Products (GCP) structure a sales promotion so that it is a “win” for all parties involved?

3. Secondary Questions Who is Giant Consumer Products? What are GCP’s objectives? What environmental forces are at work? What’s going on in the Frozen Food production industry? What are FFD’s current constraints? What are the key metrics? Who is the target market? What are the strengths and weaknesses of FFD’s marketing strategy? What is their current market position? What are the current market trends? What is affecting GCP’s decision? How should FFD implement the selected alternative?

4. Giant Consumer Products Company Overview

5. Organizational Structure

6. Organizational Structure

7. Management Philosophy

8. Organizational Culture Pride. The most customer-centric management team in the frozen food industry. Premium product quality, strong relationship and support from retailers Helps company stay on top of consumer behavior trends Promotes long-term thinking Built on brand equity. Company is striving to take into account the preservation of GCP’s brand name and image in every decision that it makes

9. Secondary Questions What are GCP’s objectives?

10. Objectives GCP Priorities in second half of 2008 Generate much needed demand in the Frozen Foods Division (FFD) without undermining the long-term health of GCP's brands Increase GCP's revenues to a point where they at least reach the low end of Wall Street's expectations

11. Most Important Objectives

12. Secondary Questions What environmental forces are at work?

16. Secondary Questions What’s going on in the Frozen Food industry?

17. Industry Overview Frozen Food Production Industry NAICS code: 311412 GCP is one of 411 American players For 2009, Industry was...
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