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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Kudler Fine Foods Product Offering
Foods Product Offering
Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) is a grocery store that is looking to offer its quality brand of products in new parts of the world. To start the process Team “A” will analyze market desires and market progress, perform a SWOT analysis, and outline the product offering and its opposition. Market Needs

Kudler’s research and development (R &D) department has completed a market needs assessment and revealed that there is a steady increase for vegan products in the Canadian region. Market growth advocates that vegetarian products are a high demand market which makes it a lucrative product. Thus, Kudler foods will begin to place a vegetarian product in its stores to accommodate consumers and future customers. Data suggest that the vegan food market has discovered an eight percent growth annually and it’s anticipated a five percent growth per year. The numbers for market size and growth cannot be simply resolved across sources or earlier reports. Nonetheless, the results recommend continuing development of vegan foods (The Vegetarian Resource Group, 2012). Market Growth

Market growth is a rise or escalation in the demand for a specific product over a period of time. Market growth can be decreased if the company does not produce a demanding product or service at the reasonable price for the consumer (Business Dictionary, 2012). KFF knows that their specialty food market signifies a modest part of produce sales in Canada. Though, as the public looks to healthier lifestyles and improved eating habits, stores like Kudler will be highly recommended in the Canadian markets. The evidences demonstrate proven growth in the United States market that could translate to similar success in Canada. “Total sales of specialty foods in 2010 were $70.32 billion, with $55.92 billion of sales at retail; Specialty foods represent 13.1 percent of all retail food sales; 76 percent of specialty food manufacturers report sales...
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