Face-to-Face Communication Is Better Than Other Types of Communication, Such as Letters, Email, or Telephone Calls. Do You Agree or Disagree with This Statement?

Topics: Communication, Grammar, Message Pages: 2 (340 words) Published: September 1, 2012
It is unquestionable that communication is a significant
focus nowadays. Some believe that meeting people face-to-
face is superior to other communicating ways. Personally, I
utterly disagree with this opinion. Nevertheless, I realize that people have various perspectives.

From my viewpoint, modern technology provides us
several effective approaches in communication, namely Skype
and F. These are more convenient than contacting face-to-face. To illustrate, it may take hours to travel to another city when we want to contact someone who lives far away whereas we
may spend few seconds texting him a message. In addition, it is much cheaper to be in touch with others via the Internet. If we go to meet a person who lives abroad, we have to spend plenty of money on traveling expense. Finally, this will result in raising more time and money to spend on doing something else.

To continue with a further idea, interacting channels,
including letter and email, allow us to recheck the message
before we send. Besides reading through the content many
times, we can prove it as much as we want. Moreover, there is a hi-tech programm which automatically checks our spelling
and grammatical usage. As a consequence, our unintentional
mistakes tend to be diminished. On the other hand, we

normally do not have much time to examine our errors via face- to-face communication. Eventually, this could result in
misunderstanding and harsh aftermath.

Another important point is that indirect communication
can be used when we want to avoid informing something
straightforwardly. For instance, if you have to tell your friend that you won’t be able to go to his birthday party, it seems to be difficult to talk to him in person. Lastly, degree of hurting someone’s feeling is dwindled.

In conclusion, I still believe that contacting someone in
person is not better than other kinds of communication as
those indirect means are more convenient and easier. Apart
from that,...
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