Lost Art in Face to Face Communication

Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: April 24, 2013

Lost Art in Face to Face Communication
Face to face communication is the main source to getting to know new people. Relationships that you are able to build using social media tools are great but nothing beats then talking about it in real life face to face conversation. Without face to face communications we would not be able to have close friendships and relationships than we would if face to face communications were eliminated from our lives. Face to face communication with people is beneficial for it can boost confidence, build better relationships; and help us develop social skills. First, face to face communication not only is friendly but has a huge impact on personal confidence. Having someone actually taking the time to sit down and have a “real life” conversation impacts us as individuals, by a way of boosting our confidence. Interactions that happen in face to face forum tend to be more personal than over a text or an e-mail. Our society has grown into such a social media community, that face to face interactions have gone down in the charts for communication strategies. Not only does it boost our confidence but also makes us feel important. Having the sense of someone wanting to reply and not only just feeling obligated to reply makes us feel not alone and is a personal confidence booster. Additionally, you can show your emotion and willingness to other people when you talk with them which helps us build better relationships. For instance, a smile can bring a sense of friendliness; therefore, people can talk with you comfortably. You can make friends more easily and the impression about you will stay in people's memories longer. Besides, face to face communication can help you reflect yourself a lot. During a discussion, eye contact, posture and speech can show a person's confidence, persistence, and the ability and determination to win the debate. If you can use these factors effectively, you are likely to get the upper hand. That is a reason...
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