Society as We Live in Today Is Ever Changing

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Social network service Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: June 4, 2012
Society as we live in today is ever changing, along with societies changes comes a form of communication. Communicating becomes a daily occurrence as we use it on an everyday basis. We communicate in many different forms, settings and even environments, such as, home, work, socializing with friends and family, at school, personal relationships and even in touch. When you talk to co workers, giving or responding to a compliment, making new friends, asking for a date, communication through instant messaging, maintaining and repairing relationships, breaking up relationships, applying for a job, giving directions or even persuading a supervisor. With forms of communicating also comes emotions, it’s a non verbal way of communicating. The model of emotions (Devito, 2009, page 164) Shows allot of forms of emotions. You can express emotions such as fear, surprise, sadness, disgust, anger, anticipation, joy or even acceptance. Emotions are communicated verbally and non verbally (devito, 2009) Body language is also another form of communicating, the way you can fold your arms, roll your eyes, turn away, smile will all influence the way you’re communicating. Facial expressions, eye contact even body space will all influence your way of communicating. The size or the area of which you are in and the tempreture around you, along with the amount of people and even the physical space will all influence the way in which you perceive. In today’s society we are overwhelmed with social networking sites such as face book, MySpace and twitter, all of which is a form of communicating and a way of expressing our emotions. We feel more of a need to belong, and seek the acceptance of others. This is a form that is harder to communicate as we can’t see the person therefore there is no eye contact or body language. Same as if we use the phone or emails. According to De Vito (2009) interpersonal communication is an extremely useful art; effectiveness in your personal, social and...
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