Effective Online Communication

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Effective online commnication|
Effective Online Communication|
E-mail Etiquette|
Jerryetta Dawson|

There is always controversy in using email and instant messaging in personal and professional domains. The Professional Standards of email are very outlined and easy to adhere to. |

Readers Pet Peeves

“The rules of email etiquette are not "rules" in the sense that I will come after you if you don't follow them. They are guidelines that help avoid mistakes… and misunderstandings…”... (Tschabitscher). Some of the most common errors used with email are a misunderstanding of the basic reason the message is being delivered. Professional and Personal messaging hold major guidelines and should be taken into consideration at all times to avoid misunderstandings, delay in rapid response, clarity of intent, and often disruptive behavior civil and criminally.

The majority of emails have messages of meaning. In the personal venues the reasons for sending the message could cover such a wide range of topics. The Professional emails are the same, the messages convey information to the recipient about specific; people places thins and actions. The recipients’ are looking for a base line of information which informs them of the messages intent. That is why it is very important to always include information in the subject area. The readers usually preview the sender and a brief outline of the reason the message is being delivered to them. Wording is very important in the Subject box also, should the reader not understand the brief explanation of the body enclosed once opened them will either disregard the message by pressing delete, or save it to view later. I usually include in the Subject area a highlighted passive from the body of the email to help the recipient understand whether it is priority or simply general email content.

Rapid response
Frequently we consider our personal opinion when delivering messages...
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