Hcs 325 Week 2 Effective Communication Paper

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Effective Communication Paper

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March 29, 2011

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Any organization large or small depends on the hard work of its employees to be successful. This is why communication is vital to the organization. With communication, employees can coordinate their efforts with other employees and managers to make their hard work seem almost effortless. One of the biggest reasons a company fails is ineffective communication among employees as well as supervisors and upper management. If the staff has not been made aware that there is a goal to attain, they certainly cannot contribute to accomplishing it. Several methods of communication exist to efficiently communicate within any organization. In my organization, emails messages are largely used to communication inside and outside of the organization. Although, email is somewhat informal, it is the quickest and most effective method of sending and receiving messages and they can also be considered a formal method of communication, depending on the contents and whether or not there is any formal correspondence attached. Email can involve one-to-one communication, but it also supports one-to-many transmissions in which the same message can be sent to lists of people (Reddick and King, 2001:24). Scheduling conferences and meetings, changing policies and procedures, keeping employees and staff apprised of any changes, and sending and receiving formal documents are just a few of the things email is used for in my organization. Email also works tremendously well when collaborating on a project. However, emails should only be used for quick messages or communication among staff members. While the majority of the employees in my organization rely on email messages and the internet to communicate with co-workers and other staff members, face-to-face communication is still a popular method of communication in my workplace. Regardless of how effective email messages...
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