. Explain the Sequence and Rate of Each Aspect of Development from Birth-19 Years.

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  • Published: June 23, 2012
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Children gain skills and abilities as they grow,the changes in their capabilities and personalaties develop with age. There are many factors which distinguish each child such as diet, stimulation, environment,medical conditions,and illness. But most children generally develop at a similar rate.There are four key area of developmet which are; physical, social and emotional,cognitive(intellectual), and language developmet. Younger children between birth and five generally develop at much more rapid rate in comparison to older children. Growth and development begins at the moment of conception and continues until much later in life. Below i have listed the sequences and rate at which children develop. 0-3 months Physical development:

Some movement skills are mastered
Able to hold a rattle but not with a steady hand
Beome easily startled with unfamilair sounds and actions
Respond to familiar faces and environments by smiling
involuntary movements till around 8 weeks
By 3 months the infant can follow their fist and is aware that its part of their body infants can smell,taste,touch and see from birth

0-3 months: social and emotional development:
enjoy being touched, cuddled, and smiled at
solely depends on others for example mother for needs to be met feels reaasurance when held close
recognises mothers voice and turns in response
able to make eye contact

0-3 months : intellectual development:
cycles through different states of alertness
enjoys playing when fully alert
cries for feeds and needs
nervous system develops further during 2nd and 3rd month therefore sleep patterns change to a regular patern

0-3 months : language development
Babies develop language in three stages, awareness, localization and differntiation. First they become aware by reacting to loud sounds, secondly they try to find out where the sound is coming from and finally they diffrentiate the sound. Respond to sounds either by smiling or displaying distress.

they try to open...
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