Tda 2.1 Child & Young Person Development Assessment Task

Topics: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Hyperactivity, Attention Pages: 4 (1311 words) Published: August 13, 2012
Child & young person development
Assessment task 2.1

At birth: The child intellectual development recognizes the careers voice. The child’s will only physically be able to swallow, suck, cry & grasp. The child will socially & emotionally bond with the main careers for the fist few weeks.

By 3 months: The child as learn t the difference between day and night which helps for a better night sleep the child cry's less and smiles more. The child is physically able to hold its head up play with it fingers & use a rattle.

By 6 months: The child can focus on interesting objects & start to understand language & try to communicate the child is socially to shy to strangers. The child can physically reach out & grab object's & pass the object from hand to hand, can also self feed with a spoon, sit up in a high chair, roll over & try to crawl.

By 12 months: The child stands upright holding on to objects & may walk holding on the child can crawl around, the child has fully developed eyesight can self feed with fingers and spoon can wave goodbye and point out, can cry when left with strangers from carer-separation anxiety, smiles for the main career & understands more of what is going on around them, begins there first words

By 2 Years: The child is now able to walk, can walk up & down stairs with help, pick up objects from the floor when standing, build brick towers, throw a ball & enjoy ride on toys. They development in language skills are improved & understanding of language in which they start to develop a mind of there own. They socially demand constant mothering & show signs of temper & frustration eager for there independence.

By 3-5 years: The child has less temper & frustration tantrums, they can cooperate with other children in play, they can dress & undress them self use the toilets independently. Able to express there felling & understand that parents will return so no separation anxiety, enjoy play with toys dolls painting and books...
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