Event Marketing

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As we know company marketing strategy is built on entirely standard set of tools: mass advertising in the media, participation and organization of events, sponsorship, PR support, promotions, direct marketing, etc. Nowadays event marketing being out of the common mix of ATL BTL and PR is becoming increasingly popular. That’s why it immediately affects several communication channels and successfully complements opportunities to the above established instruments of direct marketing advertising.

Event marketing is the promotion of goods and services by creating and organizing special events making as follows an emotional connection between the consumer and the brand [1].  The range and layout of special events is boundless and immense. In particular, it includes holidays and the opening ceremonies, presentations, corporate events, festivals, fairs, press conferences and seminars, club parties, concerts, sporting events, etc.

The main advantage of event marketing and holding such events is frontal establishing contact and emotional connection between the customer (product or brand) and audience [2].

Considering business goals special event can be interpreted as a form of human involvement in the culture of the brand, corporate or other aspect of organization through their actions and feelings [3]. Thus there is a particular brand positioning, in which the good, thing or service is gradually becoming part of its target consumer’s lifestyle. This way goods are not just fashionable, however necessary.

Face-to-face marketing is one of the fastest-growing and most powerful areas of marketing today, yet many organizations are challenged with understanding how to integrate live events into their marketing mix to create meaningful customer relationships that generate measurable business results. In addition, the myriad operational demands of staging live events requires wide and deep understanding of operations...
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