Southern Baptist Hospital

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  • Published : January 15, 2012
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Southern Baptist Hospital
Belinda D. Rodas
January 08, 2012
Professor: Jason Thompson


The Southern Baptist Hospital is a not for profit organization that realized a need for marketing to address issues of falling market share. It embarked on an aggressive marketing campaign, mainly focused on corporate image, and the campaign was well received by the audience. It was however seen that though the campaign had been received well, they had failed to achieve their marketing objectives. This paper analyses key aspects of the SBH marketing campaign, and analysis on various aspects that would be key learning’s for future marketing activities.  

Southern Baptist Hospital (SBH) a non-for profit organization was well liked in the public eyes, prior to developing a marketing strategy. Therefore their advertising campaign focused only on reinforcing this position which did not help add value or increase the company market shares. From this, it can be said that SBH had not researched or thought through about the audience needs prior to developing its marketing plan. Although the entire campaign was created and managed as a reactionary step, and was an ad hoc solution to an urgent need. Given that there was no proper planning on what the advertising was going to achieve and how they would measure or track their effectiveness. Clearly SBH had no pre planned future course of action and/or overall marketing plan.  From SBH actions regarding their overall marketing plan we can see that SBH did not know the value that marketing could bring to its business. They embarked on a campaign without a proper plan, using ad hoc techniques for measurement and making decisions without proper analysis. From this, it can be said that SBH does not have a significant grasp of what marketing is, what critical aspects it serves, and how a company can effectively leverage marketing to achieve their goals.

Based on their strategies their concerns and focus was on corporate...
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