The Sherwin-Williams Co.

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The Sherwin-Williams Company

Sherwin Williams is the largest manufacturer of paint products in the U.S. It is the most famous painting company in the United States. The Company owns more than 34 factories and 3,200 of their own branded stores, that is why it is considered the largest chain stores in the world of colors. The American company Sherwin-Williams was founded in 1866. Since its establishment, the company made a bid for new technology and innovation. 11 years after its founding in 1877, Sherwin-Williams Company has produced a revolution in the coatings industry, it has patented the manufacture of paint in an airtight jar. Since then the company is a leader in the development of new high-quality coatings based on the latest technologies and unique designs (Sherwin-Williams, 2011). Today, the Company Sherwin-Williams is the largest manufacturer of paint products in the U.S., it is the most famous brand of paint in America, it is a transnational corporation with a turnover of 8.02 billion dollars in 2007. Sherwin Williams Paints, known as ones of the highest quality, and therefore they are used for painting historic buildings and landmark buildings. The superiority of Sherwin Williams, among other companies is leadership of its paints in the global market thanks to new technologies, environmental production and exclusive content. Sherwin Williams Company’s products meet the highest standards, and especially the line with the brand GreenSure (Hoffman et al. 2010). There are the main features of paints of the company Sherwin Williams. Firstly, paints of this company are not sprayed. Secondly, when applying them to the surface they create smooth surface in the drying process. This is especially evident in comparison with the PVA-based paint or acrylic paint. Thirdly, paints of the company Sherwin Williams are aesthetic and efficient to use. Many of the Sherwin Williams paints can cover the surface with a single fold. This is due to different kinds...
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