Enlistment System Chapter Ii

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2.1. ACLC Enlistment System

2.1.1. Characteristic of the System
This Enlistment System will make the enrollment process faster since ACLC takes a lot more time to finish for the enrollment. This system will help the college lessen the time spent for the listing of the subjects. It prompts the user for the username and password for a secure login. ACLC Enlistment System will allow the authorized person to search, view, add, update and drop the record of the old and new students as well as their corresponding subjects enrolled. In this system the authorized person will also be able to view the list of the students and schedules offered for the certain years in which the authorized person will just going to choose the subject and schedules what the student wants to enroll in. The system uses database, so it means the data will be kept unless it was deleted intentionally. The database used in this system is MySql Database so that it can easily be accessed. Only and only the authorized personnel will be able to access the system. It will also automatically close the schedules when it reached the maximum limit of the students enrolled. The system has a few main functions. The user will be able to input the subjects and the corresponding number of units, input the schedules and assigned rooms and delete subjects. In terms of functional specification, the authorized user can use all of the System’s functionality. The system will ask the user to log in once it is opened and will show a navigation menu that makes you to choose either Old Student or New Student. The related functions that the user can be used are those stated below: Old Student:

If you have some things to clarify regarding the subjects and schedules that the student enrolled, this function will allow the user to search the record of the student using the student number. •View

This function allows the user to view all records of the...
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