Enlistment System

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Background of the study

The importance of computer in our society today cannot be overstated. Almost every area of activity is one way affected by computers. The State University is one of the Educational organization that has been welcoming new technology in almost all of their processes because of the advantages they obtain from the use of computers. The proponents come up with this study to determine the acceptability of the society on the Online Enlistment System and also to find out the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed system.

Online enlistment has become a standard in today’s modern schools and universities. Technology has been implemented to make people’s lives easier and this system definitely makes it simple for students to go about their enlistment.

Objectives of the study

1. To determine the acceptability of the society on the Online Enlistment System

2. To determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the Online Enlistment System

Statement of the problem

The study sought to determine the acceptability of Online Enlistment System on the Central Luzon State University.

Specially, the study attempted to answer the following question:

1. Which of the two ways of enrollment gives the accurate reports?

2. Which is more efficient and effective in terms of generating reports?

3. Which is more accessible and easier to enroll for students?


Significance of the study

The proponent will conduct this study to develop a new idea and to gather information in developing an Online Enlistment System that will be accepted by the society. It also considers that the application is a user-friendly. The need for personal appearances of the students in the school for their enlistment is not needed anymore and allows them to do this from home. This will also benefit the school because the data is processed with much more ease due to the automation of certain tasks. When a student enlists online, they would only have to go to school to pay for their tuition fee. And in this situation the student can save more of their money and it will not consume a lot of time in doing so. With an online enlistment system, you can expect to see an increase in student capacity in terms of handling during enrollment days. Additional working days for work on enrolling students and processing their registrations are reduced.

Definition of terms

Attributes – are the properties of the entity which we want to capture information

Cost-Benefit Analysis – An evaluation of cost and benefits that will result from the development and operation of the new system

Entity – An object, which is distinguishable or other objects by sets of attributes

Flow chart – Visual presentation of Algorithm

Gantt chart – Is a horizontal bar chart that shows the same task information as the work plan, but in a graphical way

Sloven’s Formula – Formula use to evaluate the statistics of the study

Scope and Limitation

The Online Enlistment System is a helpful tool for the students of CLSU to ease the enrollment process. These will be available online and can be accessed by students and registrar personnel at their homes or wherever there is an internet connection. It will let the students choose the subjects they intended to take for the next semester. And also, they can view their accumulated tuition fee after they have validated the subjects they have chosen. The payment of their tuition fee is not included in the proposed system.




Local and Foreign Literature

At the beginning of the millennium and the next, we are surrounded by information technology, whether we recognize it or not (Clyde, 2009). Accordingly, satellites transmit new stories, financial transaction, and telephone conversion around the world in less than a second....
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