Efforts of Teachers in Improving Students' Achievement in Teaching Learning Process

Topics: Education, Learning, Psychology Pages: 6 (2029 words) Published: December 27, 2012
Efforts of Teachers in improving Students’ achievement in Teaching Learning Process

Education is basically an interaction between educators with learners, to achieve the goals of education that took place in a particular environment. This interaction is called the mutual influence of educational interaction between educators with learners. This suggests that human life will always need someone else who is characterized by mutual positive influence because it is based on a law that every human life has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore we need a process of education is through the learning process. Teaching learning is a complex process because it does not just absorb information from the teacher, but involves a variety of activities and actions to be taken, especially if you want a better learning results. The way of teaching learning that suppress a variety of activities and actions is specific approach, because the approach in teaching learning essentially is an effort to develop activeness learning conducted by learners and teachers. Teaching learning is also a valuable normative interaction is done with conscious and which aims to guide the direction which would carry the learning process. The learning process will be successful if the results could lead to changes in knowledge, understanding, skills, attitude and the values of learners. The success of learning process in the national education goals, namely, the intellectual life of the nation and develop a complete Indonesian man, the man who is faithful and devoted to God Almighty and noble character, has the knowledge and skills, physical and spiritual health, have a steady personality and self-and a sense of civic responsibility and nationality. Simple in the sense that education is often defined as a human effort to build his personality in accordance with the values in society and culture. During its development, the term educational assistance means assistance provided intentionally or by adults so that he becomes an adult.

In accordance with the above concept, then education is a long process in order to influence the students to be able to adapt best to their environment and thus will cause a change in people's lives, so in this case the learning process that occurs has the task to direct all students to reach optimal maturity, so to achieve these objectives must be done learning processes. Learning is a process through which individuals to obtain a change in behavior towards better as a result of individual experience in the interaction to the environment. Behavioral changes as a result of learning can occur through the effort to listen, or try to train themselves by teaching or training. The changes in behavior as a result of learning is relatively fixed and not just a temporary change. The behavior changes involves all aspects of personality, whether changes in knowledge, abilities, skills, habits, attitudes and other behavioral aspects (Ramayulis;2008). Therefore learning is a fundamental activity in education, in learning a variety of efforts or the efforts made by teachers that the point is an attempt to make students learn. To grow the efficient and effectively teaching among a teacher should make efforts by using the technique or methods that activate their students in learning and by capabilities and knowledge expected to the students teachers have always been passionate about teaching and learning process. Effort and behavior are very influential teachers in teaching the students, therefore, a good teacher is a teacher who has good properties as well, namely as: caring, respect protégé personality, patience, knowledge, skills and experience, pleasant and well-behaved , fair and impartial, tolerance, there is attention to the problem of students, able to appreciate the good deeds and praise the students, can lead well (Zakiyah Darajat;1980). As is the effort in this paper is an activity or work done...
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