Polygamy in the Modern World

Topics: Marriage, Qur'an, Muhammad Pages: 5 (1507 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Polygamy has been an important issue these days. Generally, men tend to take the concept of polygamy as a way to have many wives. Furthermore, polygamy is applied with or without the first wife‘s consent. Polygamy also being practiced even though the husband is not capable and cannot be fair. So, the reason we conduct this research is to study people’s knowledge regarding polygamy in this era and whether it is proper to practice polygamy or not. We would also like to gain their opinion whether polygamy bring fairness to women or not. APPROACH

This study applied quantitative and qualitative method in order to analyse data and get information. This study employed a random sampling technique for its respondents whereby students from different Kuliyyah (courses) were involved. An online questionnaire describes the polygamy were posted for the purpose of data collection for the study. Then, this study used pie charts, tables and simple percentage in its data analyses.

1. Questionnaire
A set of questionnaire was developed for the study and a survey was conducted from students of undergraduate students of IIUM. This study uses descriptive survey research design to gather information from the respondents. A survey was distributed online to the undergraduate students of KIRKHS, KENMS, KOE, AIKOL, KAED, KOD, KOP, KON, KOS, KAHS and KICT in IIUM to obtain the desired information.

2. Sampling
This study employs a quantitative data analysis, a survey and a random sampling of (n=103) IIUM students from five Kulliyah (courses) were conducted. 48 male students and 55 female students are the respondents that responded to the survey.

3. Location
The survey was posted online and specialised only for IIUM students both in Gombak campus and Kuantan campus students to respond.


From the survey, it can be assumed that most of the students have little knowledge of polygamy. Then, many students believe that monogamy is preferred by Islam. Basically, both monogamy and polygamy are permitted by Islam but Islam does not encourage polygamy since Allah knows that men cannot be fair. Our model person, the beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh) practice monogamy for 25 years and the reason why he practiced polygamy is to attract people into Islam, to introduce a new legislation and to protect widows.He only practiced polygamy after Siti Khadijah (r.a.) passed away and not immediately but he remarried the next two years.

The criteria needed to practice polygamy are just and capable. This is stated in the Quran “if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly to orphans, marry women of your choice, two or three or four, but if you fear that you cannot be just to them, then only one will be enough, that will be more suitable to prevent you from doing injustice”. There are many laws that govern polygamy over the world. For example, Moroccan Law (Article 31), The Egyptian Act No.100/1985 etc. These laws, protect the women rights, control the jurisdiction of polygamy and applied the criteria needed for a husband to marry a second wife, third or fourth.

Polygamy is not a god given rights to men, it is a heavy responsibility that men have to carry if decided to involve in it. Many people have misuse and misunderstood the quranic verse in Surah An-Nisa verse 3 about polygamy. They did not read the verse 3 until the end and they did not take a look at verse 129 in the same surah. In these two verses, Allah mentioned about just and fair and Allah also says that “men will not be able to be fair to your wives even if you struggle”. This is the concept that Sisters In Islam applied in their belief that men will never be able to do just to women if entering polygamy.

It is said that the numbers of women are more than men, therefore it is one of the reason that men should practice polygamy to protect women. This is not true as the statistics all over the world stated that...
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