Active Learning in Teaching-Learning Activity

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Learning Pages: 3 (1043 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Nowadays, active learning is used mostly used method in teaching-learning process. Active learning gives some positive affects to the teaching-learning process so that it gives good result in the end of lesson in class. Hannele Niemi (2002) asserted that according to the qualitative data, learning as an active learning process has a clear connection with student teachers’ professional development. Learning which demands active reflection and high responsibility gets student teachers to overcome their own limits. The main point to this issue is that active leaning want to reduce or to discover the obstacles in the process of learning that is faced both of students or educators especially in transferring knowledge from educators to learners. According to Hannele Niemi (2002) in Andri Suherman and friends (2011), the common feature of active learning “is the learner’s active impact on learning and a learner’s involvement in the learning process” also it is supported fervently by Hannele Niemi (2002) in her article, she asserted that active learning is emphasize constructivistic qualities in knowledge processing like independent inquiry and structuring and restructuring of knowledge, also requires a problem solving orientation, a critical approach and an evaluation of knowledge. Both of the articles point at a same thing that active learning is that a process needs an independent action in its participation. In active learning some elements are needed to complete its process H. Niemi in Teaching and Teacher Education 18 (2002) 763–780 emphasize that metacognitive skills are the key of learning active. She also shows other elements that needed in active learning like a problem solving orientation, a critical approach and an evaluation of knowledge. While L. Kremer-Hayon and H.H. Tillema (1998) mention that implementing Self-Regulated Learning (SLR) requires an open curriculum system that provides different learning opportunities for students and a flexible approach...
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