Effective Communication

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  • Published: December 7, 2008
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Communication and Effective Communication

Khaled Nashaat Mamdouh

HROB 501- M9- ID: 7-3691
Dr. Ahmed Amin
January, 21st, 2007
Determining or figuring out the level of importance of communication in any organization or even between people in their daily lives is fairly impractical. No one can ever resolve the significance of communication because it is such a gigantic topic with many different definitions and understandings. Also communication and gaining communication and interpersonal skills is again such an "easier said than done" profession. Communication is such an essential skill –could be even considered a talent given to certain people instinctively-. Miscommunication could cause to disasters not only in organizations but even in real life. If for example an employee understands a message delivered to him/her by their manager and ended up acting the way they thought the manager meant it could lead to a true catastrophe. In real life, examples may vary from aviation tragedies, car accidents and so on http://www.wilbers.com/elemcom.htm Schermerhorn, 2005.

Large organizations and even multi-nationals have been always massive concerns about communication conflicts, communication barriers, carrying out the communication process as efficient and as fast as possible and the right choice of communication channels. There is also another implication in communication which is the term which is called "effective communication". Effective communication is another sub-topic under the big communication topic which represents the process of communication carried in the fastest, most efficient manner achievable. Effective communication is the case when the message is delivered and is fully understood by the receiver of the message. Schermerhorn, 2005.


"Communication is central to all human social behavior" said the Communication: process and leadership...
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