Communication and Metaphors

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  • Published : January 17, 2012
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Communication is two way process, where there should be exchanges of information. This has not merely transmission of the information by speaker. This is process which involves both the parties & just when the both parties have been played the role well may we can say that an effective communication has been occurred. During conversation between the 2 people, both of these can play parts of speaker & listener at a point or the other. This is so vital that such 2 people have been equipped with skill of listening as well as ability for communicating the messages effectively & clearly to other party. Case of Miscommunication

I have experienced a miscommunication in my job place. During discussion with my manager about the latest project, my manager said some-thing like this "We require continuing supplying train with the coal in regard to give this power for continuing moving." In such case here, my manager is referring actually to the project as train that has been already departed from train station & moving toward final stop that is ending results of the project. Though, the word "coal" used here might be a source of miscommunication. My manager can have been referred to word "coal" as the constant hard-work & diligence from me for making sure that speed of the train doesn’t slacken. On the other side I think that the word "coal" has used for representing money which could be supplied constantly to project in regard to keep this going. As we may see, from manager's point of view he may believe that there might just be an interpretation of metaphor on his own interpretations. People mostly see the things in different point of view from our-selves & we may never know for the sure when our ideas have correctly translated by another party. It is if ideas of communications theories may come in. In the General Semantics we have learnt that similar words may have several different meaning for the different people depending on...
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