Don't Skip Breakfast

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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Don’t Skip Breakfast

These days it is true that many of teenagers and workers do not have their breakfast. It has proven statistically that the number of teenagers who skip breakfast already exceeded 37% and approximately 40% of adults. Most of them seem to have the same reason to skip breakfast that they do not have time to take a meal or just no appetite in the morning. To tell the truth, that skipping breakfast is not good for the body at all.

Since breakfast has much connection with brain activation, it becomes more serious problem for students who are intent upon their study. Various neurotransmitters maximized through proper amount of carbohydrate, protein, and fat help with brain activation and this can be obtained by eating breakfast. One research study is clearly proving this fact. Professor Mary Nevill of Britain's Loughboroyugh University claims eating breakfast help accelerating cognitive ability, memory and concentration. According to his study aimed at 52 teenagers, higher concentration and longer short-term memory retention refers to those who had not skipped breakfast. In other words, Nevill findings represent that we must refrain from missing breakfast as far as it brings about significant influence on the brain activity. In addition to what had been said, skipping breakfast can also cause difficulties with intestine exercise due to irregular eating habits. Therefore it easily generates constipation which then leads to hemorrhoids and some skin trouble. Nor do the side effects end there. Obesity is also associated with breakfast. It is sure for people who feel severe hunger by skipping a meal to wander around for snacks, chocolates or sweets and again reduce the amount of eating at lunch and in the evening. This naturally makes a vicious cycle that includes excessive eating and innutrition. Overall, whether skipping breakfast or not decides your health which not only provokes mental problems but also physical and psychological issues. For...