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Does Breakfast Make a Difference?
Does breakfast give you the fuel you need during the school day to achieve better grades? In our defense, we created a survey to test just the question. We were taught that the day of an important test- you need sleep and to eat a healthy breakfast. Do students of Waubonsie Valley believe in this theory?

In proving our hypothesis of, if students eat breakfast, than they will receive good grades, we developed a survey in asking such questions to figure out about eating habits of high school students before school. Our group started out in developing a survey, based on our topic, and handed out in a convenient sample. 84 surveys were taken, and collected, to further receive interesting stats based on the questions answered by the students. This survey consisted of a total of 10 questions. Four questions were based on a Lykert scale, four questions were multiple choices, and two were yes or no. These surveys were handed out during lunch periods, four, five, and six to all different grades.

For which, the data we collected, we were surprised about. From the survey, the question “how likely is you to eat breakfast during the week?” Students answered 5, for extremely, 27 percent, and 4, 17 percent, 3, 11 percent, 2, 15 percent, and 1, 27 percent. This meant that the highest numbers were both the highest answer on the lykert scale, and the lowest. And the average likeliness to eat during the week was 3.02 times during the week. With these numbers being so high, we found out that the reason that students do not eat breakfast during the week, do not give themselves time during the morning to even eat breakfast. Which was the opposite for the students that actually do eat breakfast in the morning were giving themselves enough time in their morning routines to eat breakfast before going to school. But, of the students who said that they did not eat breakfast, 75 percent said if someone made breakfast for them, they would eat...
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