Describe the Roles and Responsibilities of Travel and Tourism Organisations from Different Sectors.

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Virgin Atlantic trains the profit company has been over 12 years in UK. Virgin Atlantic is a trains operating in The United Kingdom, which provides service from London Euston to the West Midlands, North West England, North Wales and Scotland, and from Birmingham New Street to North West England and Scotland. The social responsibility of the company is to minimize negative sites of transport and bring out the positive sites and be more sustainable transport. They also wanted improve from carbon emissions in air quality and to have affordable security systems. Roles and responsibilities of Virgin Atlantic:

community work at home and abroad

waste and recycling targets

approach to sustainable sourcing onboard food

sustainable stations attitude

safety and security targets

plans to reduce carbon footprint while increasing energy efficiency

come close to sustainable development in rail
The Virgin Atlantic Trains want to feel people more confident, more comfortable and safer. It’s not all about the trains or journeys it is more about people and how they travel and why. For passengers they have other responsibilities such as: -Clean and safe trains\stations - A seat if reserved in advance

- A reliable and punctual journey - A refreshment service on most trains - Very good customer service team member on board

The not for profit organisation, official tourist board is Enjoy England (Visit Britain). Access to and use of this site is provided by Visit Britain, a statutory body included under The Development of Tourism Act 1969 as the British Tourist Authority. Enjoy England has a public and private sector stakeholders of English Tourism. It works in partnership with Visit Britain. The site is normally available 24 hours a day. Enjoy England are...
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