The Importance of Uk Visitor Attractions to Tourism.

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Task 1 –Report 4
I am writing a report explaining the importance of UK visitor attractions to tourism. In my report I will be including statistics and data to support my explanation.

Attracting Visitors from overseas
For overseas visitors, United Kingdom is a popular destination. This is because the UK has cultural and heritage attractions that appeals to the overseas visitors. Overseas visitor attractions have to be aware of the overseas markets that are 67%, as they have to make sure that their marketing activities are attracting the overseas visitors.

Top 10 visits 2008 (million)| % of all visits| Top 10 spend 2008 (£ million)| % of all spend| France 3.6| 11.4| USA 2223| 13.6|
Irish Republic 3.1| 9.6| Germany 1125| 6.9|
USA 3.0| 9.3| France 1053| 6.5|
Germany 2.9| 9.1| Irish Republic 983 | 6.0|
Spain 2.0| 6.2| Spain 815| 5.0|
Netherlands 1.8| 5.7| Italy 809| 5.0| Italy 1.6| 5.1| Australia 769| 4.7|
Poland 1.5| 4.7| Canada 522| 3.2|
Belgium 1.0| 3.0| Netherlands 700| 4.3|
Australia 1.0| 3.0| Poland 508| 3.1|

This table shows the trends of the inbound visitors from 2001 and 2011. However there was an decrease in the number of visitor to the UK , but slowly the number of visitors increased in 2011.There was an increase of visitors as it was the royal wedding. This means that the inbound visitors are interested in cultural and heritage. This table also shows that after a long period of time the average spending per visit was under £500, but in the last five years there has been an increase.

Inbound tourism
London is the main destination that is attracted inbound visitors to the UK. In 2011 there were 15.3 million visitors that spent money in the UK. The total of the percentage that inbound visitors spent was 52%. However the whole of England attracted 13 million inbound visitors that spent £6.2bn, which is 35% of how much visitors spent. Furthermore Scotland attracted 2.4 million visitors and these visitors spent 8 %. Wales attracted 0.9 million visitors that spent 2% in Wales. Other places such as the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man and also these visitors that spent the night in the UK, spent on travelling. However overseas visitors that were 1.5 million visitors that made day trips to the UK, there’s overseas visitors spent £134 million.

The importance of tourist attractions in the UK-
The England visitor attractions attracted visitors in 2009 and 2010. Here are the increases for the UK attractions. There was an increase of 3% in 2006 and also in 2007. However there was only a 2% increase in 2008. In 2009 there was an increase of 5%. There was also an increase in 2010 in the UK, as people were coming for holiday as well as visiting their family and friends. There was also a 6% decline in overnight stay trips by the UK residents in the UK. The international passenger survey data also says that there was a decline in UK visitors visiting abroad. There was a 14% fall of the outbound spent in 2009. The attractions had a 2% increase, as there were visitors who live locally in 2008. However there was also an increase in 8% in 2009.

Domestic Tourism-
Visit England which is the national tourist board said that the 5.4 million overnight trips that took place in the UK in January had an increase of 5% then in 2011. The Great Britain tourism survey has also said that there was an increase of spending by 16% which is £877 million. The domestic overnight trips that were taken in January increased by 5% then in 2012. The spending also increased by 10 per cent. Visit England has said that this positive growth could have been influenced, as January was the mildest from 2008. However in January, the snow affected visitors as they could travel.

James Berresford, Visit England’s Chief Executive, commented: “This positive start...
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