Demonstarive Communication

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Demonstrative Communication
Demonstrative communication is the process of receiving and sending messages through thoughts, messages or information. This communication usually includes nonverbal and unwritten ways. Nonverbal channels can be more important than words alone. Many read communication like this on a daily. Depending on how we see it will be how the message is received. Demonstrative communication includes ways of body language, facial expressions, and gestures. These are things that we do every day is send out messages without any kind of words. Depending on how we show it depends of on how people will read it. Body language is a form of demonstrative communication. Body language can be anything from crossing of the arms, eye contact, handshakes, and more. A person’s body language and posture can show what someone one is feeling or thinking. It can be the way they hold their arms and where their eyes are fixed upon. If someone crosses their arms it is a sign of disapproval or anger, this can be negative. On the other hand if someone has their arms open that could be a sign of honestly and openness, a positive signal. Eye contact may be one of the most important nonverbal communications out there, and very effective. Direct eye contact with people shows confidence in what the message is. Not making eye contact shows a sign of weakness and therefore shows a lack in confidence in what is being communicated. A third form of body language is a handshake. Handshakes are usually the first impressions made on someone. If the handshake is firm it is a sign of confidence and ambition, something a successful person would do. Too firmly can catch someone off guard so always do it firm enough not to hurt the other person. As for the light and loose handshakes, it suggests someone is nervous and not confident in themselves, a sign of weakness. By watching body language of people will show whether or not what they are telling you is important and worth ones...
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