Demonstrative Communication Paper

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  • Published : October 4, 2012
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Demonstrative Communication Paper
Cassandra Wright
BCOM/275 Version 1
July 19, 2012
Robert Jenkins

Demonstrative Communication Paper
We are going to explore some effective and ineffective examples of demonstrative communication in a positive and negative way for the sender and receiver. Also explain how demonstrative communication involves listening and responding. This will include nonverbal and unwritten communication which involves facial expressions, inflection in the voice and body language. We have experienced one of these communications in one way or another.

“Verbal communication is the spoken word and includes actual words, intended and inferred meanings, tone and vocal inflection.” (Lee, Duck, McMahan, & Lambert, 2011) Verbal is what most of us do with our daily activities in life. Oral communication is useful to one when going to an interview. It can be most effective in this type of setting. While being interviewed one has to actively listen to the person and have an oral response to the question being asked. It is essential in our everyday life to be able to verbally communicate and interact with other people. Some positive and effective ways of demonstrative verbal communication is it’s more precise. When we are speaking to someone we are able to use the reflection in the voice tone to get the point across. A person may better understand someone when they are spoken to directly than through via text message. Also it is effective in explaining difficult situations or law problems that can be misconstrued than other forms of technology. With the verbal communication it allows direct clarification of any misunderstood situations.

Effective verbal demonstrative communication has to do with listening. In the book of Communicating in the Workplace “effective communication involves more than just understanding the information.” (Cheesebro, O'Connor, & Rios, 2010) When presenting a presentation to an audience has to capture the...
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