Customer Satisfaction of Bank Alfalah

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  • Published : November 14, 2012
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1.1 Origin of the Report

Internship is a prerequisite for students willing to attain a MBA degree in the department of MIS of Faculty of Business Administration, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The internship program includes a period of 12 weeks of on-the-job-training where I could have first-hand observations concerning the utility of the customer service department. During the organizational attachment period an intern works on a project and writes report on that project in the report-writing period. I have been routed in the customer service division (CSD) of Bank Alfalah Limited, Motijheel Branch, under the supervision of Mr. Md. Maksudul Haque, the head of Customer Service Division. I decided to work in this department and selected the subject of my internship report as “Analysis of the Customer Satisfaction of Bank Alfalah Limited”. I have worked in this department closely during my internship tenure and I firmly believe that, this experience will give me an extra edge.

1.2 Background of the Report

With growing competition, among nationalized, foreign, and private commercial banks as to how the activities i.e. the customer service can be made more attractive, the expectation of the customers has risen immensely. Reciprocating the sentiment, commercial banks are trying to evaluate their traditional banking service to a better standard, to meet the challenging needs side by side these banks have concentrated their attention towards diversification of their products for better performance and existence. Under the above circumstances, it has become necessary for Bank Alfalah Limited, one of the leading foreign commercial banks, to focus its attention towards the improvement of its activities. That is why it is quite justified to make an in-depth study and evaluate the activities of Motijheel Branch and scope for its improvement. The study may help enhance the existing system of customer service and monitoring by suggesting ideas towards improvement. Further more, Bank Alfalah executives who are actually executing the policies undertaken by the upper management will have a chance to express more suggestions, which will only contribute towards standardization and upgrading of the policies of the organization.

1.3 Objective of the Report

Main Objective
The objective of the study is to identify the factors influencing the customer satisfaction of Bank Alfalah Limited.

Specific Objectives
▪ To find out present level of customer satisfaction of Bank Alfalah Limited. ▪ To find out expectation of the customer regarding their satisfaction level. ▪ Consumers’ perception about the particular services.

1.4 Scope of the Report

This internship report covers all the activities provided by the Customer Service Department of Bank Alfalah, Motijheel Branch. Besides this, finding problems in the total process and provide possible solutions for the branch will be another scope of the report. The area of concentration of this report is confined in investigating different aspects of the banking transactions, problems, and prospects and as well as customers needs and wants and also their expectations from the customer service department of Bank Alfalah Ltd. In terms of the customer’s expectations, an endeavor is made to give recommendations for removing the problems.

1.4 Research Methodology

1.4.2 Sampling Plan
The researchers have done this by following under mentioned steps:

a. Population:
The survey was carried out in the on the customers of the Motijheel Branch, Bank Alfalah Limited.

b. Sample Size
Around 25 respondents were chosen to respond to the questionnaire

1.4.1 Type of Research
As the researchers took an attempt to analyze the factors regarding the satisfaction of the customers of the Bank Alfalah Limited, this particular researcher is quantitative in nature. The purpose of this research is to understand and analysis of the factors of satisfaction of Bank...
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